Kindred Spirits

Gabrielle decides to play Queen with her new Amazons. Joxer manages to get himself into a slew of trouble again. Xena develops a knack for whittling. And the writers page homage to the World Wide Wrestling Federation.

Xena says it's good to have a balance of work and play
Cyane: "Rhea! Watch what you're doing. You're not a child, you're an Amazon!"
Rhea: "Sorry, Cyane."
Cyane: "You, too, Eris."
Eris: "Xena says it's good to have a balance of work and play."
Rhea: "And who wouldn't want to play when you've got a cute little baby like Eve around? Ah, what a doll. Xena's so lucky!"

*** An unknown assailant lurks through the bushes towards the naked, bathing Amazons.

Eris: "If you ask me, Gabrielle's the lucky one - having Xena as a best friend."
Cyane: "Well, I wouldn't go getting too attached. They'll probably be moving on any day now."
Eris: "Well, I wouldn't be too sure."
Cyane: "What do you mean?"
Eris: "I asked Gabrielle to stay and be our permanent Queen."
Rhea: "You did! That's great! Then Xena and Eve will stay, too."
Cyane: "You had no right to speak for the tribe, Eris."
Eris: "Why not? Everyone loves them. Who wouldn't want them to stay?"
Cyane: "What did she say?"
Eris: "She didn't say 'yes' yet. But she did say she'd think about it. So, keep your fingers crossed."

*** The unknown peeping assailant lurks nearer the bathing Amazons.

Don't shoot!
Gabrielle: "Don't shoot! Lady with a baby."
Xena: "It's for the baby, Goober. It's a swing. Here, put her in it."
Gabrielle: (to Eve) "Here you go. Aren't you a lucky girl?"
Xena: "There you go, Evie."
Gabrielle: "She likes it."
Xena: "But, of course."

Gabrielle: "I always knew it was going to happen. You're nesting."
Xena: "Nesting? Because I build a swing."
Gabrielle: "Xena, it's perfectly natural. You're a mother. Actually, I feel the same way."
Xena: "What way is that?"
Gabrielle: "Have you ever thought about settling down here?"
Xena: "Like when I'm too old to do kicks and stuff?"
Gabrielle: "No, I mean right now. Xena, it's a beautiful place. You could raise Eve here."

You could raise Eve here
Xena: "What are you talking about?"
Gabrielle: "These kids need someone. They need guidance. They need me."
Xena: "Gabrielle, are you saying that you want to stay here and be Queen."
Gabrielle: "Only if you and Eve would stay. I think you should consider it (to Eve) You want to stay, don't you?"

Cyane: "Amazons! An intruder!"
Amazons: "We'll get him! He's got something in his hand! It's too small to be a weapon!"

Gabrielle: "It makes sense, Xena. We've never really had our own home. So, I see this place as our domestic bliss. All we have to do is fix it up a little bit."
Xena: "Wouldn't hurt to consider it."
Gabrielle: "Thanks."

Cyane: "Queen Gabrielle, we bring you a man who has violated a sacred Amazon law."
Eris: "She means he was peaking at us from behind the bushes while we were bathing."
Cyane: "This is a terrible offense against our honor. Queen Gabrielle, the offender must face the wrath of Amazon Justice."

Why would I want to look at naked girls?
Joxer: "Xena, Gab look, it was an accident. Why would I want to look at naked girls?"

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