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[One well-placed chakram stops the horsemen in their tracks.]

Soldier: "The Romans! The Romans are coming!"
Kahina: "Get the horses! Quickly!"

Xena: "I hate to interrupt their games, but I'm getting you out of here."

Tazir: "To the valley!"

'Saved by the Romans'
Gabrielle: "Saved by the Romans. I would have bet against that."
Xena: "It sure took them long enough."
Gabrielle: "Xena?"
Xena: "I needed a diversion."

Gabrielle: "Last night I thought letting them kill me was the best thing for everyone."
Xena: "Gabrielle, you may never forgive yourself for what happened to Korah, but you'll be a stronger person for it."
Gabrielle: "I don't know."
Xena: "I felt that way once. I felt there was nothing left to live for. I was tired of hurting and I just wanted it to end."
Gabrielle: "What changed it for you?"
Xena: "You did."
Gabrielle: "I guess we've come full circle, huh?"
Xena: "Come on."

Xena: "You're out of time and you're out of options. Now that they know you're here, they'll hunt you down unless you stop them."
Kahina: "You expect us to trust you now? Why should we?"
Xena: "You have no choice."
Gabrielle: "We could have ridden in the opposite direction."
Tazir: "Why didn't you?"
Gabrielle: "Tazir, your son's blood is on my hands, and it will be for as long as I walk this earth. I can't change that. But I can help his people win their freedom. Maybe his death will have some meaning then."
Xena: "And I promised you that I'd help you defeat the Romans. I keep my promises."

Soldier: "The Romans are coming! They found our trail!"
Kahina: "She's right. We have no choice."
Tazir: "Alright."
Xena: [switched into Warrior Princess Mode] "Let's move it! Get those horses out of here!"

'We have Xena, what more do you want?'
Xena: "You said the sun had to be in this position."
Tazir: "Yes. That's how we know when one is coming."
Soldier: "They're right behind us!"
Xena: "Everyone get covered up! Move!"
Kahina: "We don't have enough people even with the surprise."
Gabrielle: "We have Xena, what more do you want?"

Kahina: "Funny how the Romans showed up just in time to save your friend almost like it was planned."
Xena: "You got the fight you wanted. Stop complaining."

Kahina: [to Gabrielle] "Left a few details out of those scrolls, didn't you?"

[The Romans enter the valley as a sandstorm begins to brew. In the confusion of the storm, Xena and the nomads emerge from their covered holes and attack the Romans. During the fray, Gabrielle stops a Roman soldier from skewering Tazir.]

Xena: "Tell Caesar Xena sends her regards."
Commander: "Xena "

Gabrielle: "Do you think they'll succeed against the Romans?"
Xena: "They've got a good chance. The desert's a powerful weapon in their favor."
Gabrielle: "For a while there, I didn't think the day would end so well."
Xena: "Neither did I."

'That's what you are in my life'
Gabrielle: "You saved me today, Xena, against the Greater Good. Why? Isn't that what we've been fighting for?"
Xena: "Gabrielle, in everyone's life there's something that goes beyond the Greater Good. That's what you are in my life. I wasn't about to let you die out there if there was something I could do about it."
Gabrielle: "What if it was my choice?"
Xena: "Especially if it was your choice."

Tazir: "It seems I have traded Korah's life for my own thanks to you. That evens the scales between us."
Gabrielle: "It doesn't really, does it?"
Tazir: "No. He could have become a great warrior just like you."
Gabrielle: " just like me."

DISCLAIMER: Despite severe air turbulence, no sand dunes were harmed during the making of this motion picture, although some experienced periodic bouts of motion sickness.

Images courtesy of The Temple of the Chakram

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