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'Where are they taking her?'
Xena: "Where are they taking her?"
Kahina: "To Tazir's camp."
Xena: "She doesn't deserve to die, Kahina."
Kahina: "Neither did Korah. The law is a just one, Xena."

'That's right -- I lied'
Kahina: "This changes everything. You lied to us."
Xena: "That's right -- I lied. And even if you were to kill Gabrielle, the Romans would keep coming,"
Kahina: "Then they will We can't follow you now. Tomorrow at dawn, she dies."

'How does it feel?'
Tazir: "How does it feel?"
Gabrielle: "How does what feel?"
Tazir: "Killing an innocent."
Gabrielle: "It's unbearable."

Tazir: "He admired you and you slaughtered him."
Gabrielle: "No--"
Tazir: "Silence! If I had known what a snake you were, I'd have struck your head off and my son would still be alive. Murderer."

[While waiting for the dawn to come, Gabrielle's life flashes before her eyes.]

'I'm going to be a warrior like her.'
Gabrielle: "I'm going to join up with Xena. I'm going to be a warrior like her."
Lila: "A warrior? Gabrielle, I can beat you up." -- Sins of the Past

Gabrielle: "You've got to take me with you and teach me everything you know." -- Sins of the Past

Hippocrates: "You have a remarkable gift for healing."
Gabrielle: "No, that's Xena's specialty." -- Is There a Doctor in the House?

'I won't take a life  even yours'
Gabrielle: "I won't take a life even yours." -- Return of Callisto

Eli: "It is hard, the Way of Love. But if you choose to follow it, you must do so with all your heart." -- The Way

'No, look, you promise me'
Gabrielle: "No, look, you promise me. If something happens to me you will not become a monster." -- Callisto

Gabrielle: "Get up!"
Xena: "I can't, Gabrielle." -- Ides of March

Gabrielle: "You're walking through life preaching peace while Xena and I have swords in our hands." -- Seeds of Faith

Gabrielle: "Sometimes the only answer is to fight." -- Purity

'Are you afraid?'
Gabrielle: "If I kill you you win, I become like you." -- Who's Gurkhan

Korah: "These weapons you use, they help you fight defensively when you don't want to draw blood."
Gabrielle: "They do, but you see you can kill someone with it."

Gabrielle: "Korah?"

Gabrielle: "Xena, you once prayed never to see the light go out in me. I just don't think there's much of that left in here. This is best for everyone."

Soldier: "The end will come all too quickly for what you deserve. Pray the vultures don't get you before we do. Bury the murderer."

'Actually, there may be something I can do for you'
Governor: "My dear lady, is there something I can do for you?"
Xena: "Actually, there may be something I can do for you."

[Gabrielle is buried up to her neck in the sand. Around her, horsemen play polo with skulls.]

Xena: "The nomads are joining forces. They found someone to lead them. This could mean trouble for you."
Governor: "A minor annoyance."
Xena: "One you could avoid if you knew where they were gathered."
Governor: "True. Our legions could use a diversion."

'Kill the murderer!'
Nomads: "Kill the murderer! A life for a life! Justice for Korah!"
Tazir: "Avenge my son! Avenge Korah!"

[The aforementioned horseman gallop towards Gabrielle's buried form with mallets raised.]

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