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'So, this is the desert hospitality...'
Gabrielle: "So, this is the desert hospitality I've heard so much about."
Xena: "That's right. Though the fact that they worship us could be influencing the welcome a bit."

Xena: "Don't refuse anything. You'll insult them."
Gabrielle: [looking at a bowl of sautéed insects] … "What is this?"
Xena: "Something yummy."

Xena: "Kahina."
Kahina: "Xena, I sent word that you will lead us against our enemy."
Gabrielle: "Is it the people who attacked you today?"
Kahina: "Oh, no. No, that's Tazir. We're rivals, yes. But the enemy we both face comes from across the seas. They've invaded our lands and killed many of our people. You know them, Xena."
Xena: "Romans?"
Kahina: "Yes."
Gabrielle: "Some things never change."

'I have renewed hope'
Kahina: "Every time our tribes try to join together and fight, ancient feuds drive us apart. There's been so much bloodshed sometimes I think uniting is an impossibility. But with you to lead us, Xena, I have renewed hope."

Xena: "Thanks for the compliment, but--"
Kahina: "Xena, we've grown up on the stories of your victories. There's nothing you can't do, no place we wouldn't follow you."
Gabrielle: "Stories?"
Kahina: "Of course, your scrolls. We were brought up listening to them. Well, surely you knew, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "I had no idea they'd come this far. I'm pleased."

Xena: "Alright. We'll do what we can to help you defeat the Romans."
Kahina: "Bring us wine! We shall honor our guests."

'What was that you said...'
Kahina: "Of course, our tradition is one of hospitality. My cousins will be honored to take you both to bed."
Gabrielle: [softly to Xena] … "What was that you said about not refusing anything?"

Gabrielle: "Do you think those guys bought that 'Amazon Chastity' stuff I made up?"
Xena: "I think they were hanging on to every word of Gabrielle the Battling Bard."
Gabrielle: "Hmm, I think it has character."
Xena: "Yeah."

'I wish I had a dinar for every time...'
Gabrielle: "I wish I had a dinar for every time I heard 'Xena the Legendary Warrior Princess'."
Xena: "Bet you do."
Gabrielle: "I think you're loving it."
Xena: "Sure, what's not to love? … Nah! It's just that these people need help. If anyone knows Romans, we do."
Gabrielle: "I'll say."

Gabrielle: "Xena, do you ever have those moments in battle when you have to decide whether to disable someone … or to kill them?"
Xena: "What?"
Gabrielle: "Don't you ever think about it."
Xena: "You just have to trust your instincts, that's all."
Gabrielle: "Well, what if your instincts are wrong?"
Xena: "If you're going to stop and debate that, you're going to get hurt."

Man: "Riders! It's Kahina!"

Kahina: "Are you ready to join with me, Tazir?"
Tazir: "Show me this myth you claim to have found wandering through the desert."
Xena: "Watch who you're calling a myth."

Tazir: "Korah, is this the woman you saw?"
Korah: "Yes, Father, it is. She and her magnificent friend swept down on us and drove us away as though we were children. It's incredible as I told you. I've never seen anyone …"
Tazir: "That's enough."
Korah: "… fight like either one of them. Xena has more strength, but Gabrielle--"
Tazir: "Korah, I said that's enough."

Tazir: "I could hardly believe my son's crazy tale. But, maybe the prophecies are coming true after all. Come, we welcome you."

Xena: "How far have the Romans gotten."
Kahina: "They invaded the nearest town not too long ago."
Tazir: "They come in great numbers and overwhelm any resistance as if … as if they're trying to wipe us from the face of the earth."

Korah: [to Gabrielle] ... "I want to be a warrior. I dare not aspire to Xena's greatness, but I see your fighting style -- there's such intelligence and strength. I'm going to model myself after you."

'You can kill someone with it'
Korah: "These weapons you use, they help you fight defensively when you don't want to draw blood."
Gabrielle: "They do, but you see … [gestures toward the point of her sai] … you can kill someone with it."
Korah: "Could you teach me to use these weapons?"
Gabrielle: "If you want me to."

Korah: "May I wash your feet?"
Gabrielle: "I don't think you want to do that."
Korah: "It is a custom."
Gabrielle: "No, really, you--"
Korah: "Please, may I?"
Gabrielle: "Okay, if you must."

Korah: "The descriptions of the battles you've been in show growth and understanding from the earliest scrolls to the latest. Were you aware of that?"
Gabrielle: "No."

Tazir: "They have started building roads across the sand."
Xena: "How many legions are there?"
Kahina: "We don't know."
Xena: "Gabrielle? … [looks up to see her partner having her feet washed by an overzealous (and consequently doomed) young man]

Xena: "Let's go check out the town, find out what the Romans are up to."
Kahina: "We can't--"
Tazir: "It's too--"
Korah: "No--"
Xena: "Hold it! Gabrielle and I can handle this. Everyone else stays here."
Gabrielle: [with boot in hand] … "I just need to put this on."

Xena: "What's with the Desert Boy?"
Gabrielle: "He wants me to teach him how to use the sais."
Xena: "He's picked a great teacher."
Gabrielle: "It's kinda strange being thought of as a warrior more than a bard. Guess I've come a long way."
Xena: "Is that a good thing?"
Gabrielle: "Yes, it is."

'I'd like to be the Roman noble and you be the slave'
Gabrielle: "For once, Xena, I'd like to be the Roman noble and you be the slave."

Governor: "Yes, what is it?"
Xena: "My loyal servant and I have just arrived from Rome. Are you in charge here?"
Governor: "Yes. Yes, I am. What can I do for you?"
Xena: "I am Fasmia, wife of Scipio Africanus V. I assume you've heard of my family."
Governor: "Indeed, I have, Madam. Scipios are well known everywhere."
Xena: "I've come to see if this would be a profitable place to invest our money."
Governor: "My dear lady, please excuse my manners. Our prospects here are excellent. We've set up a profitable trade route protected by the forces of Rome."
Gabrielle: "Protected from what? The nomads?"
Xena: "I've heard they're very fierce."
Governor: "Scattered savages, I assure you. The tribes fight more amongst themselves than with us."
Xena: "What if they were to unite? They'd be dangerous, wouldn't they?"
Soldier: "There is no chance of that. They spout old stories of Xena, Caesar's Thracian whore, and wait for a legendary warrior to rise out of the sand and lead them."
Gabrielle: "Are you concerned?"
Soldier: "Concerned? About a long-crucified annoyance? Hardly."

Governor: "My dear lady, your money will be safe with us. At this moment, three legions are preparing a defensive to pacify the ethnics once and for all. Call it a 'cleansing' if you will."
Gabrielle: "Seems overconfident if I may say so."
Governor: "You seem a little outspoken for a slave. I think someone should be punished."
Xena: "Oh, someone will be. I promise. Thank you, Governor, you've been most helpful."

Gabrielle: [caught in another sandstorm] … "I think we should stop!"
Xena: "We'll get covered over! Keep moving!"

[Xena and Gabrielle get separated in the swirling sandstorm. Gabrielle sees a figure stumble towards a distracted Xena with arm raised and what appears to be a dagger in his hand. She acts on instinct and attacks. She plunges one of her sais into the man's chest.]

Gabrielle: "Korah?"
Korah: "Gabrielle …"
Xena: "The scroll."
Gabrielle: "What have I done?"

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