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'I never thought I'd see this'
Gabrielle: "I never thought I'd see this."
Xena: "What's that?"
Gabrielle: "You washing blood off my hands."
Xena: "I never thought I'd see it either."

Xena: [looking at the scroll] "It says that Kahina and Tazir have finalized their peace treaty I want you to go back to Kahina's camp and wait for me there."
Gabrielle: "Where are you going?"
Xena: "To take him home."
Gabrielle: "I'm coming with you."
Xena: "No, just give me a chance to explain to them."
Gabrielle: "Xena, I have to talk to Tazir."
Xena: "You will later."

Man: "A rider approaches! It's Xena!"

Kahina: "Xena, did the message reach you?"
Tazir: [seeing the limp form of his son] "It's Korah! What happened? Quickly, men -- Korah, how--"
Kahina: "What's going on? Xena?"
Tazir: "Someone will die for this! I swear it!"

'Now you take my son!'
Kahina: "Who could have done it? Thieves?"
Tazir: "Thieves? Yes! More like one of your men, Kahina!"
Kahina: "Get your hands off me! We had nothing to do with it!"
Tazir: "You've been trying to weaken my position for years. Now you take my son!" [pulls out his blade]

Xena: "Tazir, wait! I saw tracks where he was killed -- tracks of a thousand men a mile wide."
Tazir: "Tracks?"
Kahina: "My people wouldn't leave a grain of sand out of place. We had nothing to do with it!"
Tazir: "Only the cursed Romans the Roman! Xena, did you see them?"
Xena: "No, there was a storm."
Tazir: "It must have been the Romans. How foolish I was to send Korah."
Xena: "The Romans are coming in several legions. We have to hit them before they're ready."
Tazir: "They have cost me my son. They will all die for this. I will slaughter them one by one with my own hands! I will have justice for my son's death!"
Xena: "Save it for the Romans!"

Gabrielle: "How did it go?"
Xena: "Not good."
Gabrielle: "I should have gone with you. I'll talk to him, Xena."
Xena: "No. It's more complicated than you think."
Gabrielle: "Xena, it is not complicated. It is simple -- I killed Korah."

'I should have gone with you'
Xena: "Out here the penalty for that is death."
Gabrielle: "I accept that."
Xena: "Well, I don't. What purpose would it serve? It can't bring Korah back, now, can it?"

Gabrielle: "Xena, that man out there deserves to know the truth."
Xena: "He thinks he does. He thinks the Romans did it."
Gabrielle: "Did you tell them that?"
Xena: "It was an accident. Let him believe the Romans did it. They have to fight them anyway."
Gabrielle: "I can't lie about this!"
Xena: "You don't have to lie."
Kahina: [approaching from outside] "Xena!"
Xena: "Please. I beg you. Please, don't say anything."
Kahina: "Xena?"

Kahina: "We've spotted Romans in the desert. We sent a patrol out."
Xena: "What we have to do is find out where they are now and lure then into a trap."
Kahina: "There's a valley just north of here. We could lead them there."
Xena: "That's perfect."
Kahina: "They cannot come soon enough. I hunger for this fight to begin, Xena. And for you to lead us to victory."

Soldier: "We found him!"
Kahina: "He's the killer?"
Soldier: "Of course. We found him near the water hole [holds out a spear] see, Korah's blood is still on it."
Kahina: "Let's take him to Tazir. Let him make an example of him."
Xena: "Just because he's a Roman doesn't mean he's the killer."
Kahina: "I have all the proof I need right here. Tie him. We'll drag him into Tazir's camp."

'To kill a man in the fight to protect your homeland is one thing'
Xena: "Hold it! To kill a man in the fight to protect your homeland is one thing, but to pick out a Roman at random and execute him for a crime he may or may not have committed -- that is something else."
Kahina: "If he didn't do it, someone just like him did. Come with us, Xena. You're one of us now."

'ait!  He isn't the killer'
Gabrielle: "Wait! He isn't the killer I am."

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