Little Problems

Aphrodite transports Xena's soul into the body of a child. Gabrielle and the Goddess of Love must find a way to get Xena back into her own body. As a side note, any mercenary who gets beat up by a 10 year old (no matter whose soul happens to be in control) should really consider a new field of work. And, could someone please tell Tharon that the Hercules sound stage is two doors down.

Crashing the party
Thug: "Get it all, Boys! It's not everyday that you penetrate Aphrodite's sanctum. Now, this is what I call a treasure chest. Who says crime doesn't pay, eh, boys?"
Xena: "We do."

Xena: "Well, now ... I do believe that's Tharon's brand, huh? Well, you give him a little message from Xena. You tell him to stop looting, or I'll finish off what I started."

Gabrielle: "Who's Tharon?"
Xena: "Someone I thought was dead."
Aphrodite: "Couldn't happen to a better guy."

As if they could accessorize with this
Aphrodite: "Imagine, sending thugs to rob my sacred tribute."
Xena: "A diamond necklace does not qualify as a religious icon, Aphrodite."
Gabrielle: "Don't tell me you're giving gifts to the poor."
Aphrodite: "As if they could accessorize with this. No, I'm doing something much more lucra- ... I mean, useful. Come see."

Xena: "What's going on here?"
Aphrodite: "Kindness. Charity. Compassion ... not to mention a 20% increase in my offerings since I let these poor unfortunates crash here while the sisters try to heal them."
Gabrielle: "I can't believe it -- Aphrodite succoring the ill."
Aphrodite: "I am not! These people give me things because they're grateful."

Xena: "Who's this?"
Aphrodite: "That's Daphne. Pretty, isn't she? She's been like that since she got here. The sisters don't have very much hope. They say there's nothing they can do. She's lost her will to live."
Gabrielle: "Where are her parents?"
Aphrodite: "They say her mother's dead, but her father comes by every morning on his way to the docks."
Xena: "He should be here."

Xena: "Kid, if I could trade places with you -- give you a second chance -- I'd do it in a heartbeat."
Aphrodite: "Okay, I'll do it."

Gabrielle: "Xena? ... What did you do?"
Aphrodite: "I can switch Daphne's life force with Xena's. Who knows, maybe it'll give her the strength she needs to get better."
Gabrielle: "What about her baby?"
Aphrodite: "Oh, it will be fine. It just stays in Xena's body and gets plenty of rest."

Daphne: "Where am I? Who are you? Where's my mommy?"
Gabrielle: "It's okay, Daphne. It's okay. We're your friends."
Daphne (as Xena): "Who are you calling Daphne? Gabrielle, it's me."
Gabrielle: "Xena?"
Daphne (as Xena): "Who else."
Aphrodite: (hands over a mirror) "Take a look."

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