Animal Attraction

The gang travel to the Wild Western region of Greece and help foil the local riff-raff. Amarise and Armon get a bit love-sick. Xena gets a bit sick. Gabrielle finally gets a ride. And, the gals give new meaning to the term "extended family."

Amarise: "Ow! Joxer!"
Joxer: "Sorry. Sorry. I wasn't looking."
Amarise: "Yes you were ... at Gabrielle."
Joxer: "Was not."
Amarise: "Was too. You know, if I ever go ga-ga like that over anyone, you have my permission to kill me."
Joxer: "Happy to oblige."
Amarise: "That is so ‘guy'."

Joxer: "What do you know about guys? You're an Amazon. All you know about is shopping for bows and arrows and emasculation."
Amarise: "I know you don't have to live with pigs to recognize one."
Joxer: "You know, I am so glad all women are not like you."
Amarise: "All the women I know are. We don't need a man to get along. In fact, as far as they're concerned, you ‘guys' are totally dispensable."

Gabrielle: "He did it again."
Xena: "... snore ... what? ... Uh, I must have missed it. I think I dozed off."
Gabrielle: "You've been doing that a lot lately."
Xena: "Yeah, I've been taking hornbean and olive but it doesn't seem to be helping. Guess I just need a lot more sack time."
Argo: "-snicker-"
Xena: "What are you, a healer?"

He did it again
Xena: "I'm just tired. Why? What did I miss?"
Gabrielle: "Joxer gave me one of those looks again. Xena, when he said he loved me, he said that he didn't expect anything from me. Clearly he does. I'm trying to be sensitive. Do you have any advice?"
Xena: "... snore ..."

It's okay, boy
*** The gang come across a horse whose foot has been caught in a snare ...
Xena: "Gabrielle, come here. Joxer and Amarise, stay there. Gabrielle, talk to him. Say anything. See if you can calm him down while I set his leg free from that trap."
Gabrielle: "It's okay, boy. It's okay ..."

Xena: "We're going to have to treat that wound before we set him free."
Gabrielle: "Set him free?"
Xena: "What's on you're mind?"

Joxer: "Spa-mon-spamona?"
Gabrielle: "Spamona. Yeah, it's famous for it's hot springs. Hey, Xena -- a little rest and we'll all feel better."

I'm so hungry I could eat a ...
Gabrielle: "Come one, boy ... steady ... that's it ... good boy!"
Joxer: "I heard a horse once bit a man in half."
Gabrielle: (to Xena) "I really appreciate this."
Xena: "Are you kidding? This way I get a hot bath and to eat something I didn't kill myself. On the other hand, I'm so hungry I could eat a h--"

Stablehand: "Uh, excuse me, folks. I guess I ought to tell you this town's got a law against carrying weapons."
Amarise: "In case you didn't know, this is Xena. Who's got the guts to take her weapons, huh?"

*** Enter the ... Sheriff?

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