Amphipolis Under Siege
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Xena: "You help me defeat Athena and I'm yours."
Ares: "You're mine?"
Xena: "For years you've been wanting me to be your warrior queen. Well I'm offering you my sword and the body that wields it."
Ares: "That's um very tempting but what about Olympus?"
Xena: "Olympus is doomed. Zeus is dead. Whatever happens here, their reign is over. You want immortality? A child is immortality - a legacy, a lineage. You help me save my daughter and you will be her father. Through her, we can live forever."
Ares: "Xena, I "
Xena: "I'm offering you everything you've ever wanted take it."

Ares: "No. No, you don't."
Xena: "What?"
Ares: "You're up to something. I have desired you from the very first time I saw you in battle and now, after all these years, after all the games, the cat and mouse, 'will I, won't I' - 'Ares, I'm yours, take me' - well, I'm sorry, it's too easy."
Xena: "I am offering you a deal, and I don't go back on my promises."
Ares: "No. No, you don't. But, you always come up with some way to mess with my head."

Pig Man: "This is crazy. I'm a pig farmer, not a soldier. How am I supposed to fight Athena?"
Villager: "So what are we supposed to do - just hand over her little baby to get killed?"
Pig Man: "If the gods will it, who are we to stand in the way? Athena has always protected us. What do we know about this Eli and his way? All I know is that he wound up on the end of Ares' sword."
Villager: "What about the Twilight?"
Pig Man: "It's a myth. Athena's the Goddess of Wisdom for crying out loud. If she wants the child, I say we give it to her."

We're not fighting for Xena
Gabrielle: "Do you want to give Eve to Athena?! Does anybody else feel that way?! We give up the baby and go back to our fields in peace until the next god comes along and they want your child or yours. We're not fighting for Xena. We're fighting for ourselves, for our right to be treated like human beings, not game pieces. If any one of you is willing to give up your own child then speak, because I will not have you fighting next to me! back to your posts."

Gabrielle: "Ares Ares, I need to talk to you."
Ares: "Well, aren't I Mr. Popular?"
Gabrielle: "I'm not here to play games. I know that Xena made an offer to you."
Ares: "You're telling the story."
Gabrielle: "If you lay a hand on her, I swear "
Ares: "What? You'll do what?"
Gabrielle: "If you accept, you will destroy Xena. You will turn her into exactly what she used to be - a vicious killer."
Ares: "I kinda like that Xena."
Gabrielle: "Then why are you so obsessed with who she is now? Tell me you don't feel anything for the real Xena - the good Xena. Ares, if you make her do this, she will never love you."
Ares: "You think she'd really give herself to me to save Eve?"
Gabrielle: "Has she ever said anything she doesn't really mean?"
Ares: "Thank you."

Ares: "So, Sis, how goes the siege?"
Athena: "I'm about to start catapulting dead cows into the village."
Ares: "And a classic it is. But, as much as I love the smell of rotting cow carcasses in the morning, have you considered there might be another way to break this stalemate? I might be able to convince Xena to leave our realm - to take Eve where she can do no harm."
Athena: "And where would that be? Oh, you're thinking with your codpiece again, Brother."

Oh, you're thinking with your codpiece again, Brother
Athena: "Do you really think Xena will be yours if you can save the child?"
Ares: "Have you considered that maybe this prophecy is fulfilling itself?! Think about it. What can Xena's baby do to us, really? Yet the more we fight amongst ourselves about the future - this, one tiny child - the more vulnerable we become."

Athena: "Because of this 'one, tiny child' Zeus is already dead."
Ares: "If he had left well enough alone, Hercules wouldn't have killed him."
Athena: "And what if you're wrong, Ares? Is it worth the risk for one child one woman? There will be no compromise."

So  are we going to seal this deal or what?
Xena: (clad only in a fur cape) "Hello, Ares. I thought I might find you here."
Ares: "Oh, yeah."
Xena: "So are we going to seal this deal or what?"
Ares: "Sounds like a plan."

Xena: "Can I trust you to keep your end of the bargain?"
Ares: "Yeah, sure."
Xena: "Because I wouldn't want there to be any confusion."
Ares: "No, no confusion. I side with you. Against gods. Save Eve - Gotcha.
Xena: "Excellent."

Xena: "Uh did you hear something?"
Ares: "No."
Xena: "No. No I heard fighting."
Ares: "Perfect. Now where were we?"

*** The wall of Ares' temple explodes to reveal a battle ensuing outside.

Cyrene: "Are you alright?!"
Xena: "Mom?!"

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