Amphipolis Under Siege
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Well, it's about time
Xena: "Mom!"
Cyrene: "Xena! Well, it's about time you brought my new little granddaughter for a visit."
Xena: "Listen, Mom, there will be time for a family reunion later. Right now we've got to get you to safety."
Cyrene: "Who's your nana, hmm?"
Xena: "Come on!"

Not any man's, it would seem
Elanis: "We allowed Xena to enter the village before cutting off the road behind her. Amphipolis is completely surrounded."
Athena: "Excellent. You know my mind better than I do, Elanis."

Ares: "Who was it who said 'an army is a terrible thing to waste'? I think it was me My my, legions of Rome standing with Cleopatra's royal guard, knights from Britannia and, of course, Athena's own elite archers. The best of the best. I am all a-tingle. You should attack here and here now before Xena can rally her defenses."
Elanis: "Athena doesn't need your help."
Ares: "Not any man's, it would seem."

Athena: "Why are you here, brother?"
Ares: "My survival is at stake here, too. The child must die."
Athena: "Oh, really? Rumor has it that you made Xena an offer to spare the child if she gave you one of your own."
Elanis: "And rumor has it, that she turned you down."
Athena: "This isn't one of your little games to make Xena your plaything. Zeus is dead -- our father. The prophecy is coming true and Xena's child is the key."
Ares: "Then why not attack now?"
Athena: "The people of Amphipolis are loyal to me. Give them time and they'll deliver up the child without the need to spill blood."
Ares: "Perhaps but where's the fun in that?"

Xena: "Alright, listen up! The last thing I wanted to do was bring an army down in your heads. But, I'm not sacrificing my child, not for the sake of a pack of selfish gods who don't give a damn about the human suffering they cause."
Villager: "We've heard stories, Xena, about Eli and his teachings. How his god raised you from the dead. That the age of the Olympian gods is over. Is that true?"
Gabrielle: "It is true. The gods rule us in fear. Eli fought them with love. I was with Eli when Ares struck him down."
Villager: "We're not soldiers, Xena. But if your daughter is the one to bring about Eli's word, we will do our best to protect her."

Athena: "Xena."
Xena: "Athena. I would say it's an honor, but considering you're here to kill my baby, I'll skip the formalities."
Athena: "I am not unsympathetic, Xena. Consider the consequences of your actions. You would deprive these people of their gods, their faith, for the life of one child."
Cyrene: "Hasn't this village given up enough of its children? I've already lost a son and a grandson I never even met. Well, I will not give up this child, not even for the gods themselves."
Athena: "And all of you are you that eager to die for this child?"

So be it
Athena: (the villagers start singing "Gleda Ma Gleda" led by Cyrene) "I don't want any of you to suffer. Give me this child and you will receive my blessing. The armies of Athena lay siege to this town. You think you can fight them with a song?! I've protected you for years, watched over you, and this is how you repay me?! ... So be it. You have sealed your fate."

Gabrielle: "CHARGE !"

Elanis: "They're trying to break out here."
Athena: "A frontal assault into one of our best units? That doesn't sound like a move Xena would make."
Elanis: "It could be a diversion."
Athena: "I've considered that, but Gabrielle's leading the attack. Xena would never risk her second in command on a suicidal feint."
Elanis: "If Xena commands half the loyalty you do, my goddess, Gabrielle would surely lay down her life to ensure Xena's escape."
Athena: "I don't doubt Gabrielle's willingness to die, only Xena's willingness to lose her. But, what if Xena has no intention of losing her? Remember, Elanis, a great commander always looks beyond what their opponent is doing to see if there is a deeper strategy."

I'm afraid your friend Gabrielle won't be getting any reinforcements
Xena: "These tunnels will take us beneath the battle. With Gabrielle attacking, we'll come up behind the enemy and crush them between us."
Elanis: "A fine battle plan, Xena. But, I'm afraid your friend Gabrielle won't be getting any reinforcements."

Villager: "Where is she?!"
Gabrielle: "She'll be here! Hold the line!"

Elanis: "Very clever using these tunnels to try and flank our positions."
Xena: "You know, I'd love to stay and compare strategies with you, but I'm in kind of a hurry."
Elanis: "Oh, there's no rush, Xena. You see, you're too late to save Gabrielle now."

Gabrielle: "XENA !"

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