Amphipolis Under Siege
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Xena: "I know who you are. You're Elanis of Nisenai. You heal quickly, or was that divine intervention? You know, it's a shame you had to run off last time we met. I'd like to finish what we started."
Elanis: "Nothing would make me happier. But, very regrettably I have my orders to seal these tunnels."
Xena: "Greek fire. Run!"

Xena: "You don't want to do that (hmm, yeah she does) Get out! (tunnel go boom, fall down) some people just don't listen."

Gabrielle: (the force of Elanis' Greek fire bomb pushes through to the surface and destroys her own soldiers) "That's not what I expected Back to the treches!"
That's not what I expected

Gabrielle: "The wounded can still keep watch. They're all committed, but we're down to half-strength."
Xena: "Half-strength or full-strength, we don't have the manpower to break the siege. Athena could just sit out there until we starved to death."

Gabrielle: "There might be another way. Xena, we can get Eve out of here. Xena, we captured some of their armor in the attack. If you put it on, you could slip through their lines without an attack."
Xena: "Forget it. It won't work."
Gabrielle: "If Athena thinks Eve is gone, she will pull out. This whole thing will be over."
Xena: "No, it won't. Don't you see? Athena has chosen Amphipolis because she knows I'll try to save these people. She's ransoming their lives for Eve's, and every drop of blood that she spills will be on my hand."

Villager: "Incoming!"
Xena: "Get down!"
Gabrielle: "We should be out of the range of those arrows."
Xena: "Get down!"

Athena: "Sad, isn't it to be mortal? They can't see me. I came to talk to you."
Xena: "Very well, then, let's talk. Why are you doing this, Athena? Ares I could understand. He's always out for himself. Zeus was just clinging to power. But you - of all the Olympians you were the only one who seemed to deserve my respect."
Athena: "I have no choice. The Fates have decreed it."
Xena: "Warriors like us make our own fate."

Xena: "I have a proposal for you. A fair fight - no tricks, no godlike powers, and if I win, you spare Eve and leave these people in peace."
Athena: "Tempting but no. These people need their gods, Xena. They need something to believe in."

These people need their gods
Xena: "They have something to believe in. If you'd just listen to them, you'd know that."
Athena: "The cult of Eli? Do you really believe Love will win this battle? I've poisoned your water supply. What will you give them when they're dying of thirst? Love?"

Xena: (hears Eve crying in the other room) "Eve?!"
Cyrene: "Don't panic. She just needs changing."
Xena: "Hey, Eve, you're alright I worry about her, though, Mom."
Cyrene: "Listen, no matter what happens, thank you for letting me see my granddaughter. She' so perfect."
Xena: "No, Mom, it's me who should be thanking you. Standing up to Athena like that was very impressive."
Cyrene: "Please - facing down a god I can handle. Well, I raised you, remember? The terrible twos'. Terrible three's. Terrible fourteen's."
Xena: "I'm sorry I made it so tough for you."

In the end it's worth all the headache in the world
Cyrene: "Oh, now, just listen for once. You know, in the end it's worth all the headache in the world just to see your child grow up strong and proud. I'd like you to know what that's like, Xena."
Xena: "I will."

Xena: "Ares? Ares?"
Ares: "Ouch. Athena is beating you like a dog out there. Put a poultice on it. It's gotta sting."
Xena: "Thanks."
Ares: "Hey, don't feel bad. After all, you are fighting the goddess of wisdom and warfare."
Xena: "Don't forget weaving."

Ares: "So "
Xena: "Ares "
Ares: "Hmm?"
Xena: " I believed we discussed a deal."
Ares: "Deal. Deal. Deal. Deal. Deal. I don't know, did we?"

What's in it for you?  Me.
Xena: "Cut the crap. I'm ready to bargain. You fight beside me and we can beat Athena."
Ares: "Maybe we can. Of course, if I side with you against my sister, then I become a pariah on Olympus. So by helping you my own fate is sealed. Oh, I'm still interested. I just want to know what in it for me."
Xena: "What's in it for you? Me."

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