Amphipolis Under Siege

Athena attacks Xena's hometown in an effort to destroy poor, little Eve. Xena further masters the art of seduction and manipulation. And the renowned cult sci-fi vixen Musetta Vander finally makes her way to the Xenaverse (as Elanis, Athena's girlfriend I mean second in command).

Soldier: "I hate this watch. Nothing ever happens Who goes there?! Step forward! Well, well. You know, this is Prince Damron's road. You'll have to pay the toll."
Elanis: "Toll? Dear me, I seem to be a little short at the moment."
Soldier: "Well, I'm sure we can sort something out."
Elanis: "Oh, I'm sure we can." - enter 20 or so silver-clad archers.

Elanis: "Get her!" - Xena breaks up the party.

Mommy's working
Gabrielle: "Shh, you'll give us away. Mommy's working."

Xena: (to wounded soldier) "That should ease the pain. Can you stand?"
Gabrielle: "Xena, are you alright? Who were those archers?"
Soldier: "It doesn't make sense. I mean, who'd want to seize the road to Amphipolis?"
Xena: "Ares."

Ares: "Hey, Xena. Have a change of heart? Well, my offer still stands. I am willing to protect you and your child at no small amount of personal risk I might add."
Xena: And what if I decline? You ransack my home town, hold my mother hostage until I agree?"
Ares: "You've got the wrong god. There's another who deals in mortal blood (Xena rips an arrow out of the wounded soldier to see the engraving on the tip) Like all the other gods, she knows your bundle of joy portends the demise of the Olympians."
Xena: "Athena."

Athena: "Report."
Elanis: "It is done. We used your arrows as you ordered and spared the border guards to tell Xena that we are headed to Amphipolis."
Athena: "Don't tell me one of those toll collectors laid a weapon on you."
Elanis: "Xena was there."
Athena: (heals the cut on Elanis's cheek) "You have my favor, Elanis always. But take care, it doesn't make you any less mortal."

You have my favor, Elanis  always
Elanis: "I saw the child. I could have killed her for you."
Athena: "You're a fine warrior, Elanis but the most dangerous animal on earth is a mother protecting her young."

Athena: "In the name of Zeus, I will kill the child myself."

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