Xena and Gabrielle awaken from their icy tomb to find that time has busily passed them by. They travel to Rome to find Xena's long lost daughter. But, alas, they are not greeted with the family reunion they had anticipated.

Ares: "Congratulations, Livia."
Livia: "I've had tougher games of tag."
Ares: "I wasn't talking about the battle. Oh, the battle's good. No, I was talking about you being named the Emperor's official successor."

You will be the most powerful woman this empire has ever known.
Livia: "Then our plan's right on target."
Ares: "And soon you will be the most powerful woman this empire has ever known."
Livia: "Then no on can stop us from exterminating the followers of Eli as traitors to Rome and the gods she honors." [Livia and Ares share a major lip-lock]

[An avalanche loosens some boulders in the icy cavern where Xena and Gabrielle have been sleeping for over two decades. The invading sun begins to melt Xena's casket of ice just enough that she awakens and breaks free from it. Seeing Gabrielle's casket next to her, she opens it and wakes her friend.]

Something's gone wrong.
Gabrielle: "Xena where are we?"
Xena: "The baby where's Eve?"
Gabrielle: "Octavius, he was he was supposed to bring her to us."
Xena: "Something's gone wrong. We've got to get out of here and find them."

Xena: "Gabrielle, I don't recognize this place."
Village Woman: "Are you ladies lost?"
Xena: "Well, that depends - where are we?"
Village Woman: "At the foot of Mt. Aetna."
Gabrielle: "Mt. Aetna? How did we get here?"
Xena: "Ares."

Twenty-five years?
Xena: "Ares! Come out! I know you're here someplace!"
Village Woman: "Beg your pardon, but uh Ares hasn't been see in these parts since the legendary Xena died about twenty-five years ago."
Xena: "Twenty-five years?"

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