Xena and the gang trot after Livia, who is bent on destroying the cult of Eli. Ares continues his manipulation of both mother and daughter. And, Livia finally sees the light, literally.

Gabrielle: "We'll find Eve, Xena."
Joxer: "Yeah, look at all these tracks. Even I could follow 'em I mean, you know, judging from the hoof prints, chances are a large group of men passed through here. Most likely they were on horseback I think."
Xena: "Good eye, Joxer. She's at least got a company - Roman troops still loyal to her. They can't be more than a half a day ahead of us."
Virgil: "Don't worry, Xena. We'll find Eve."

We'll find Eve, Xena.
Xena: "You keep saying 'Eve.' The woman we are tracking is Livia, Champion of Rome. I'm not sure that my daughter even exists anymore."
Gabrielle: "It doesn't matter what she calls herself, Xena. A lifetime of serving Rome doesn't change the fact that she's your daughter. Once she looks inside herself, she'll see you there. She'll be Eve again."
Joxer: "Sure, with a mother like you, how bad can she be?"

Livia: "Followers of Eli don't forget to turn the other cheek [slaughters a few villagers] Why Xena is determined to protect you sheep is beyond me."
Roman: "Livia, we can't find a temple to Eli in the village. There's no proof that these people were even part of Eli's cult."
Livia: "And I should care? Why? Eli's followers are vermin. They hide amongst true Romans spreading like a sickness. If a few innocents must die to stop their heresy, so be it. And if it vexes Xena, so much the better."

Villager: "You can't destroy our spirit! We've seen worse than you. We've lived through Callisto's raids."
Livia: "Callisto. She did some good work. But, I'm not Callisto." [beheads the poor fellow]

My daughter did this
[The gang walk into a town with slain villagers littering the streets, many of whom have been crucified]

Xena: "My daughter did this."

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