Return of the Valkyrie

To free Gabrielle from Brunnhilda's flame, Beowulf seeks out an old Viking friend and stumbles across a certain amnesic warrior princess. Despite being engulfed in flames, Gabrielle's fan club continues to grow. Xena proves she really is the best (even if she doesn't know it). And, sub-text becomes main-text.

One Year Later

Erik: "This way Lady of the Ring. The legend of your beauty does you no justice. Your destiny has arrived. I have come to save you."
Beowulf: "Lord Erik! My Lord this is madness. You can't penetrate the ring of fire. Only Gabrielle's soulmate can pass through those flames. All other flesh [reveals a badly scarred hand] is doomed."
Erik: "A boar on the spit has reason has reason to fear the flame, not a Viking lord."
Beowulf: "That is not the only thing that stands in your way."
Erik: "I should worry about getting mud on my boots?"
Beowulf: "Actually, that is not what I was referring to."

[Grinhilda appears and begins tossing Vikings about.]

Beowulf: "Lord Erik, call them off! Call your men off. This is suicide [Lord Erik throws himself into the flames and is immediately burned to a crisp] To the ship!"

Beowulf: "We must return with them to Denmark."
Wiglaf: "You're giving up?"
Beowulf: "No, I'm seeking help from an old friend."
Wiglaf: "King Hrothgar."
Beowulf: "If any mortal can defeat the demons in this cursed bog, it is Hrothgar."

Beowulf: "I will return, Gabrielle I promise you."

Wiglaf: "Hey! Looks like we arrived in time for some kind of party."
Beowulf: "What conquest are you people celebrating?"
Reveler: "The conquest of King Hrothgar's heart, sir. He's marrying the noble and fair Wealthea."
Beowulf: "Thank you."

Wealthea, Warrior Bride?
Wiglaf: "Wealthea? That's not a Norse name. I wonder what it means."
Beowulf: "My guess would be that it's Celtic for [enter the bride, who bears an amazing resemblance to a certain legendary warrior] warrior princess."

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