Xena and the gang travel to Chin to learn the ancient technique of pyrotechnics. The gals must battle the Red Power Ranger for Lao Ma's book of wisdom. Gabrielle exhibits some amazing foot dexterity. And, Joxer proves that no matter what culture he is emersed in, he still has bad taste.

Xena: "Take it easy."
Gabrielle: "What's happened to him?"
Xena: "Someone cut out his tongue. He's a monk from the Xiao Monastery in Chin."

Gabrielle: "I hope that message was important enough to die for."
Xena: "Someone thought it was important enough to kill for ... ‘the Hawk and the Dove must be made one with the Wisdom'."
Gabrielle: "Who wrote that?"
Xena: "Lao Ma."

‘The Hawk and Dove'
Gabrielle: "Lao Ma? Your old teacher? Xena, she's been dead for years."
Xena: "That's right."
Gabrielle: "What does it mean?"
Xena: "‘The Hawk and Dove,' don't know. But, ‘the Wisdom' must mean her book. And whatever it means, somebody didn't want us to find out."

Joxer: "Why can't we just get this at a book store?"
Xena: "I left it in the safest place I knew -- the Xiao Monastery. Lao Ma's power is in its pages."
Gabrielle: "You had the power once, didn't you?"
Xena: "Yes, but I let it slip through my fingers like sand. This time I'm going to keep it."

It's not a very warm reception
Gabrielle: "It's not a very warm reception."
Xena: "The villagers must have retreated to the monastery."
Joxer: "Wow! Check out the size of that pothole."
Gabrielle: "What weapon could have caused this?"
Xena: "I don't know."

Gabrielle: "Whatever it is, it sure packs a mean punch."
Joxer: "What did anybody do to deserve this?"
Xena: "Nothing. Whoever did this wasn't after the village, they were after Lao Ma's book."

Gabrielle: "The Xiao Monastery?"
Xena: "That's right. Come on, we don't have much time. Let's go."

The Red Ranger
Xena: "Thanks for your help. My name's ..."
Pao Su: "... Xena. You're my mother's friend."
Xena: "Your mother?"
Pao Su: "I'm the daughter of Lao Ma."

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