Xena, Gabrielle and a newly reformed Eve must face the gods in a final showdown. Gabrielle starts hearing voices in her head. Ares surprises even himself. And, some cheap Olympic real estate goes up on the market.

She's lost, just as I was.
Gabrielle: "Xena, I don't know if I want to help her or she killed Joxer."
Xena: "And she's lost, just as I was. But I got lucky, because I found you. Now I have to try to help her find her way. Gabrielle, I understand if you can't go through--"
Gabrielle: "Xena let's save you daughter."

Ares: "Back off! I'm the one that figured out Livia was Eve."
Hades: "You should have told us immediately. The prophecy said she'd bring about the end of the gods."
Demios: "She's probably developed enough power to kill all of us."
Ares: "I guarantee the only thing this girl has developed is an inferiority complex."
Hephaestus: "He's right. I hear she's a babbling idiot."
Discord: "I say we move on her right away. What's the challenge?"

Xena is the challenge
Athena: "Xena is the challenge, Discord. If we wish to kill Eve, we have to go through Xena. And as a mother, she'll be more dangerous than ever."
Artemis: "So, what exactly is the plan?"
Athena: "Furies!"

Ares: "I gave the Furies a chance at Xena. It didn't work out."
Athena: "I know. My plan is a bit more subtle."
Aphrodite: "Can't we leave the bard out of this?"
Athena: "Do you have a soft spot for Gabrielle?"
Aphrodite: "She's my friend."
Athena: "Aw, then don't watch."

Leader of the Pack: [upon seeing Eve kneeling alone in the desert] "Death to the monster, Livia! Charge!"

Eve: "You should have let them kill me."
Xena: "No. Do you hear me? Never Gabrielle, bring me some water, quick [to Eve] Okay, try to drink."

There will be no peace for you until she's dead.
Furies: [who can only be heard by Gabrielle] "Xena, Eve will only break your heart. There will be no peace for you until she's dead."

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