Who's Gurkhan

Gabrielle and the gang travel home to Poteidaia and discover the tragic fate of her family. Gabrielle loses the last remnants of what little is left of her peaceful ways and vows vengeance, Virgil gets an eyeful, and Xena proves once again what it is to be a true friend.

Gabrielle: "Xena it's thriving. I'm gonna see if the old house is still standing."

'It looks so run down'
Gabrielle: "It looks so run down."
Virgil: "Nothing some paint couldn't cure."
Eve: "All that matters is that the people inside are alright."
Xena: "Go on."

Gabrielle: "Here goes [knocks on the door] Lila."
Lila: "Gabrielle!"

Lila: "So you slept for twenty-five years. You weren't really dead."
Gabrielle: "No, not that time."
Lila: "I wish Sarah were here to see you."

'Xena, I have a niece'
Gabrielle: "Who's Sarah?"
Lila: "My daughter."
Gabrielle: "You have a daughter? Xena, I have a niece Where is she? Lila, where are Mother and Father?"

Lila: "Eight years ago, Sarah was captured by the raider Gurkhan. He took her to the walled city of Mogador."
Eve: [reacts to the name of the city and all eyes turn on her] "It's in North Africa."
Lila: "A merchant told us that she was in his harem. Father sold most of the farm and he and Mother and my husband went to try and buy her back."
Gabrielle: "What happened?"
Lila: "He beheaded all three of them. I don't know what happened to Sarah."

[Gabrielle stalks outside where a storm is brewing gee, it rains an awful lot in Greece these days.]

Xena: "Gabrielle! Gabrielle, wait! I'm sorry, Gabrielle."
Gabrielle: "Xena, my niece may still be in that harem."
Xena: "We'll go after her first thing in the morning. If she's there, we'll get her out."
Gabrielle: "Xena, this is not just a rescue mission."
Xena: "What do you mean?"
Gabrielle: "I want vengeance !!!!"

'Blood will have blood'
Xena: "It will have blood, Gabrielle. Blood will have blood."
Gabrielle: "Don't talk to me about consequences, Xena! That man murdered my mother and father! Now I kill him!"

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