God Fearing Child

Can you say "dysfunctional family"? After Xena's unborn child is prophesized to bring about the destruction of the Greek gods, Zeus vows to destroy the child. Hercules comes out of retirement to help an old friend. Hera has a change of heart. Ares grows a heart. And, a new life is brought into the world.

Zeus: "My dreams are dark. There is danger. Illuminate that section. There, my Fates. Tell me."
Child Fate: "As it has been since time beyond remembering, you will continue to rule supreme among Supreme ..."
Maiden Fate: "... until such time as a child not begotten by man is born ..."
Crone Fate: "... a time that is fast approaching."

All things must come to an end
Zeus: "Nonsense. Everything that breathes upon this earth breathes because we have given it life. Our dominion here is Eternal."
Hera: "You told me once, dear husband, that all things must come to an end. Why should we be no exception?"
Zeus: "Because I have always been the master of Fate. I'm not about to become its servant."

Xena: "Oh ... Gabrielle! Come here. Give me your hand. No, no - here."
Gabrielle: "That was a drop kick."
Xena: "I know."
Gabrielle: "Just like Mom."
Xena: "We are not alone."

I had this dream last night
Gabrielle: "Xena, wait - I had this dream last night. You and I were both giving birth to your baby. It was like it was coming from both of us."
Xena: "That's very nice. You know, if I could give you half of the labor pains, I would do it."
Gabrielle: "Well, sadly, that's not the case."

Xena: "This kid's going to change our lives completely."
Gabrielle: "Yeah. I'm gonna be more alert, Xena. I'm worried about it's safety."
Xena: "We do seem to find our share of trouble."
Hercules: "Yeah, like the big trouble you're about to find when you forgot to tell an old friend of yours you were about to have a baby."
Xena: "Hey, old friend, did you hear I'm about to have a baby?"
Hercules: "Well, then I would say that congratulations are in order. It's good to see you. And you - wasn't your hair a little bit longer the last time I saw you?"
Gabrielle: "I was going to ask you the same thing."

Xena: "Who's your friend?"
Hercules: (regarding stuffed hydra in hand) "Oh, I, uh, named him Iolas. But, he happens to be for you. Or should I say , your ... child."
Gabrielle: "What is it?"
Hercules: "Six behind you."
Xena: "Six behind you. Care to dance?"
Hercules: "Are you sure?"
Xena: "Sure, I'm sure."
Hercules: "Let's dance."

Xena & Hercules: "Who sent you?!"
Proxidica: "Zeus has decreed this."
Hercules: "Decreed what?"
Proxidica: "The unborn child of Xena must die."

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