Coming Home

Xena, Gabrielle and Eve travel to yet another land of the Amazons (geez, just how many tribes are there?) where Ares has gone on the warpath. Like mother, like daughter -- more gruesome details of Eve's past are uncovered. Ares completely loses his marbles. Gabriele actually intimidates someone. And, Xena goes swimming with the fishes.

[A band of Amazons sneak up behind a very unobservant group of soldiers]
Soldier: "Did you hear something?"

Eve: "Ares' message said to meet him here? In these woods?"
Xena: "That's right."
Gabrielle: "Do you think he's calling in a favor?"
Eve: "We do owe him."
Xena: "We owe him everything. He gave up his immortality for us. For the God of War there's no greater sacrifice."

'He wants something'
Gabrielle: "Maybe he wants to see you again. After all, he does have a thing for you."
Xena: "Nah, he wants something."
Gabrielle: "My point exactly."

Eve: "Weren't these Amazon lands at one time?"
Gabrielle: "They still are. Why do you ask?"
Eve: "No reason."

'Who would destroy the Amazon Forest?'
[The gals come across an expanse of land that has been completely razed to the ground.]
Xena: "What happened here?"
Gabrielle: "Who would destroy the Amazon Forest?"
Xena: [hearing screams in the distance] "Let's go."

[The aforementioned soldiers and Amazons are deep in battle.]

Marga: "Varia, let's go! There's too many of them!"

[Xena, Gabrielle and Eve join in the fray. Along the way, Eve saves the Queen from certain skewering.]

Marga: "We don't often have such welcome strangers on our land. Thank you."
Gabrielle: "We're glad we could help, but we're not strangers."
Varia: "Yeah, that one ... [nods towards Eve] ... looks familiar."
Marga: "I am Marga, Queen of the Amazons. This is Varia, my second in command."
Xena: "Xena, Gabrielle, Eve."
Marga: "Not strangers indeed. Gabrielle you are an Amazon Queen yourself."

'We don't often have such welcome strangers on our land'
Varia: "Xena, it is said that you have the power to kill gods."
Marga: "I hope that is true. We have one more for you."
Xena: "Who?"
Marga: "Ares the God of War."

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