Antony & Cleopatra

Deception and betrayal are afoot when Xena and Gabrielle travel to Egypt. The writers take a very liberal approach to history and the legendary story of Antony and Cleopatra is born.

Cleopatra: "Speak."
Advisor: "Cleopatra, Rome is on the brink of an all out civil war."
Cleopatra: "And why should that interrupt my bath?"
Advisor: "You command the greatest navy in the world - the strategic prize if your name happens to be Brutus or Antony. Whichever one of them gets control of your navy will rule the empire."
Cleopatra: "Well, it sounds like they'll both be courting me then doesn't it?"
Advisor: "Or trying to eliminate you."

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt
Advisor: "There are those that say with you out of the way, the Egyptian navy will go to the highest bidder."
Cleopatra: "You worry too much. I have always known how to protect Egypt … my people… and myself. I will keep the Romans at bay … [inscribes some instructions on a scroll] … see that my Chief Admiral receives these orders."

Cleopatra: "Hmm … is it just me, Shiana, or do crises only happen when I'm naked."

Shiana: "Cleopatra … an urgent message from Rome … [hands a scroll to her bathing queen]."
Cleopatra: "Shiana … [a serpent, which had been hiding in the scroll strikes the queen just above the heart]"
Shiana: "My Queen."
Cleopatra: "Shiana … [inscribes some more instructions on another scroll] … take this to Xena."
Shiana: "I will, my Queen."

I wish Eve could see this
Gabrielle: "Are we really going to do this?"
Xena: "Yes, we're really going to do this."
Gabrielle: "I wish Eve could see this (spectacular view)."
Xena: "She's better off in Alexandria with my mother."
Gabrielle: "Do you have a plan?"
Xena: "First we become Egypt … and then we take on Rome."

Marcus Antonius
Canidius: "There's a rumor that Brutus is in Egypt."
Antony: "I hope it's true, Canidius. It will save me the trouble of having to find him."
Canidius: "If he gets control of Cleopatra's fleet, we may not want to find him."
Antony: "There is no reason to believe he is any closer to that than we are."

Soldier: "Sir, Queen Cleopatra bids you welcome and has sent me a gift."
Antony: "Queen Cleopatra has sent me a gift. Bring it in."
Soldier: "Sir, yes, sir! Bring it in! … It's a carpet, sir."
Antony: "Dismissed."

I am Cleopatra.  Queen of Egypt.  Slave of Rome.
Antony: [reading from a small scroll] ... "'Will Rome enter Egypt?' … [Antony unrolls the carpet to find a beautiful, naked woman in golden chains]"
Xena: "I am Cleopatra. Queen of Egypt. Slave of Rome."

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