The Abyss

Clearly, no one ever told these boys that it's rude to bite. Xena, Gabrielle and Virgil come across a horde of cannibals. Gabrielle continues to obsess over the death of Korah (as per her charmingly spastic nature) and nearly gets herself killed. Why is it that there's never a cave around when I need one?

Virgil: [being chased by a band of really ugly dudes, who coincidentally bear an amazing resemblance to the Horde but with worse dental care] "Faster! We have to go faster! Hosep!"
Hosep: "Virgil!"
Virgil: "We gotta keep moving!"
Hosep: [getting hauled off by aforementioned ruffians] Virgil! Augh! Help me! Virgil!"

[Gabrielle, with bow and arrow, sets her sight on a deer in a nearby clearing. She draws her bow back and releases the arrow into a nearby tree.]

'Just don't know what kinda wine goes with bark'
Xena: "Nice shot. Just don't know what kinda wine goes with bark."
Gabrielle: "So we'll have fish. That's what people do when they're on a river."

Xena: "Fish is alright with me. You're the one who said she wanted venison."
Gabrielle: "I'm having a bad day."
Xena: "Nah, he's having a good one. It's all in how you look at it."
Gabrielle: "I think I'll go get the boat ready. Virgil and Hosep will be waiting."

'This river is so calm'
Gabrielle: "This river is so calm."
Xena: "I was hoping it would have an effect on you."

Xena: "Up there on the right. Looks like their campsite."
Gabrielle: "Finally."

'They were running for their lives'
Xena: [examining an abandoned campfire] "Four hours old."
Gabrielle: "There's blood on this. There's blood everywhere. Thieves?"
Xena: [picks up a staff with a skull on the end of it] "No. They escaped in their canoe. They were running for their lives."

[Virgil follows the trail of the band that ran off with Hosep to a primitive village. There, he sees his friend roasting on a spit.]

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