The Ring

Gabrielle wins the Norse Popularity Contest by unanimous vote. She, her fan club, and Xena race to destroy Grindl and return the Rheingold to the Rhine Maidens. Of course, people are never who they seem to be, a fact which has been proven time and time again in the Xenaverse (sigh, you'd think Gabrielle would catch on eventually). Xena loses something. And, Gabrielle lies down for a bit.

I'm not relying on hope
Beowulf: "We're deep in Grindl territory."
Brunnhilda: "The chances of us finding her are less and less."
Gabrielle: "Then we pick up the pace."
Brunnhilda: "What I'm trying to say is don't get your hopes up."
Gabrielle: "I'm not relying on hope. Xena's tough to kill."

Beowulf: [sees a wet patch of blood on a nearby tree] "Xena's blood. This is where it ended."
Gabrielle: "It's where she got away not long ago." [sees one of Xena's gauntlets lying nearby]

If we split up, we can cover more ground
Beowulf: "Gabrielle, are you being totally honest with yourself. I mean, all of the evidence points to the fact that Xena--"
Gabrielle: "She got away. She waited for her chance, and she escaped."
Brunnhilda: "Where are her tracks?"
Gabrielle: "Xena is alive. If we split up, we can cover more ground."

Gabrielle: [hears a rustling] "Xena? [Xena grabs her from behind] Xena--"
Xena: "Shh! There." [points towards the monster who is not far off]

[The monster stumbles around a bit, then hearing Beowulf calling for Gabrielle, heads off into the distance.]

Don't ever leave me again
Gabrielle: "Don't ever leave me again! [noticing all of Xena's wounds] Look at you."
Xena: "Yeah, I know. Don't fuss, okay?"

I'm going to go check up on our friend
Beowulf: "Gabrielle!"
Brunnhilda: "Gabrielle, are you alright?"
Gabrielle: "I'm fine. Xena needs water."
Brunnhilda: "Xena."
Beowulf: "Yeah. Clean yourself up. You look awful."
Xena: "Thanks."

Beowulf: "I'm going to go check up on our friend."
Xena: "Be careful."

Brunnhilda: "Xena, I have waited my entire life to meet you."
Xena: "If I knew I had a fan coming, I would have combed my hair."
Brunnhilda: "I never should have doubted that you'd be alive. Only the Legendary Xena could survive against Grindl and the power of the ring."
Xena: "I would have thought the Legendary Xena wouldn't be too welcome up here."
Brunnhilda: "Weaklings don't like you. I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and your philosophy. From the very first story I ever heard, I knew I wanted to be a warrior like you. To live for battle. Die with valor."

Lots of reasons
Xena: "Well, I've gotten a lot smarter since then. I've learned to respect life, love and peace."
Brunnhilda: "Why? What happened?"
Xena: "Lots of reasons." [sends a gooey look in Gabrielle's direction]

Beowulf: "It seems to be gone."
Xena: "She's out there somewhere."
Brunnhilda: "When it heard us looking for Gabrielle, it doubled back behind us. With the cliffs at our backs, it cut off our retreat."
Xena: "That's right."

Gabrielle: "Let's get you out of here."
Xena: "No, Gabrielle, I can't do that. Grindl and I have a date with Destiny."

Xena: "Gabrielle, I know better than to try and talk you into leaving, but you two should go. Live to fight another day. This is my battle."
Gabrielle: "Our battle."
Brunnhilda: "I won't leave Gabrielle."
Beowulf: "Neither will I."
Xena: [slightly annoyed] "Well, I guess we're in this together then [hearing a roar in the distance] This way."

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