Haunting of Amphipolis

Sigh, it's just like a god to make a mortal do all their dirty work for them. The gang head home to Amphipolis to find demons and ghouls and spirits, oh my.

'Xena is finally going home to Amphipolis'
Michael: "Xena is finally going home to Amphipolis. She has no idea what awaits her."
Rafael: "I'm more concerned about what awaits us if she should fail in her Destiny. If the Realm of Hell should spill onto the earth, we will be the ones to face it."

Michael: "Xena has killed most of the Olympian gods. She is the only mortal prepared to face this."
Rafael: "I hope she is prepared for all our sakes."

Xena: "Eve, you were just a baby when your grandmother took you in her arms and sang the anthem of Amphipolis."
Gabrielle: "She stood up against Athena. She was very courageous."
Eve: "I can't wait to see her."
Xena: "Me neither. You're going to love Amphipolis, it's [entering the gates of a very deserted village] so full of life. What happened here?"
Gabrielle: "It almost feels deserted."
Xena: "My mother would never leave this place."

Eve: [looking around the deserted inn] "Mother, you grew up here?"
Gabrielle: "It never looked like this."
Eve: "There's a coldness in this place. It's freezing."
Xena: "I'm going upstairs."
Gabrielle: "I'll check the back."

Xena: [hears a scream while walking down a spooky hallway] "Mom?"

'Who's there?'
Disembodied Voice: "Livia "
Eve: "Who's there?"

[A group of villagers appear dragging a struggling woman with them.]

Man: "Light the fire."

[Cyrene's spirit passes through a startled Eve.]

'I could feel her spirit'
Xena: "Eve are you alright?"
Eve: "Grandmother?"
Xena: "Did you see her, Eve? Eve!"
Eve: "I felt her. I could feel her spirit. She's dead, Mother."

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