Fallen Angel

Having been crucified by the Romans, Xena and Gabrielle pass on to the Other Side. Unfortunately for our heroines, the grass ain't always greener. The gals sprout wings. Callisto has a change of heart. And, Eli actually does something useful.

Where are Xena and Gabrielle? ...
Amarice: "Move and you die, Roman!"
Joxer: "I'm not a Roman."
Amarice: "Yeah, I guess you're not."

Joxer: "Are you an Amazon?"
Amarice: "Yeah."
Joxer: "Then you know Xena and Gabrielle."
Amarice: "Who wants to know?"
Joxer: "I'm their best friend. My name's Joxer. I ... been having nightmares that they're in some sort of trouble, so I thought I better see if they needed help."
Amarice: "They're not in trouble anymore."
Joxer: "Then you've seen them! Where are they?"

Lucky for them, it's a bit too chilly for the vultures
Eli: "You loved them very much, didn't you, Joxer?"
Joxer: "Who are you?"
Eli: "My name's Eli. I loved them as well."

Joxer: "I'm ... I'm going ... I'm going to take their bodies back to Greece, because I know Xena wanted to be buried next to her brother and ... Gabrielle next to her, so ..."
Amarice: "That could be a little difficult. The Romans want to keep them there as an example."
Joxer: "Well, I'm going to bring their bodies to Greece. You can help me, or not."

The Other Side
Gabrielle: "It's okay."
The Light

Might I recommend an excellent dermatologist
Callisto: "I promised to deliver you to my Lord, and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

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