It's the first day of the rest their lives. Xena loses something a bit essential for an active warrior princess. Gabrielle picks up a new weapon (thank the gods). Joxer gets something off his chest. And, Ares proves once again that he will never give up on Xena.

Let's just cut the crap
Kal: "What do you want, Ares?"
Ares: "I got to tell ya, Kal, this place is shabbier than I remember it. It's got to be tough when those tributes stop coming in. But, I digress, so let's just cut the crap ... and while you're at it, just stop trying to snatch Xena. Force doesn't work with her, never has, never will, so ... uh ... stop it."

Ares: "Are you still mad about me stealing the Dark Chakram? That was years ago."
Kal: "If you hadn't, then none of this would have happened. Xena teaming up with Eli ..."
Ares: "Eli. He's a sanctimonious stooge ..."
Kal: "... who raised the dead."
Ares: "Raised the dead -- a mere parlor trick."
Kal: "Isn't that what really brought you here -- the feeling of that Force working through him?"
Ares: "No. I think we both know why I'm here, so you take my advice ... back off."

Fear, Brother Caleb?
Kal: "Fear, Brother Caleb? Surely a Holy Man like you is Pure enough to meet the challenge ... or would you rather die where you stand?"

Joxer: "I'm really glad you guys ... um ... I can't believe you're here."

Amarice: "I've got something for you ... (Xena's broken chakram) ... look, I saved them for you. I was hoping they could be fixed."
Xena: "Okay."

Gabrielle: "We're back ... together."
Xena: "Always."

Gabrielle: "Are you okay?"
Xena: "Yeah, just a little stiff. I feel like I've misplaced something."
Gabrielle: "Your clothes? I think we need to find a market."

What is this thing, anyway?
Gabrielle: "I don't know how we'll repair that, Xena. It's not something you can take to a blacksmith."
Xena: "Oh, this thing Amarice gave me? What is this thing, anyway?"

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