Back in the Bottle

Xena, Gabrielle and Joxer head back to Chin to save the world once again. Sigh, when will Xena learn not to send Gabs off to do the job of a warrior princess? The producers develop a new concept known as the "revolving door" villain. Gabrielle saves the life of a young man by not getting romantically involved with him. Joxer does some embellishing. And, Xena learns that you can love somebody to death.

Can't we just cook this thing
Gabrielle: "Xena, I'm starving. Can't we just cook this thing and eat it."
Xena: "Sh, Gabrielle. I'm trying to achieve absolute stillness." *** Proceeds to turn rabbit into stone.
Gabrielle: "Great. Another one."

Xena: "I don't know what's going on. Ever since that fight with Pao Su, I can't seem to harness the Power."
Gabrielle: "I'll say."
Xena: "What did Lao Ma have that I don't?"
Gabrielle: "A full stomach."

Joxer: "Boy, I couldn't find anything. Except a squirrel. Put up quite a fight though. As long as we got that ra--"
Xena: "Yep."
Joxer: "That's it, Xena. If you would concentrate on making that thing stone, maybe it would cook."

Gabrielle: "Okay, can we just go to town for food? Who has money?"
Joxer: "I do ... here."
Gabrielle: "That's Black Powder. Joxer, I told you to get rid of this."
Joxer: "I thought I did."
Xena: "Alright, Pao Su's dead and the secret of Black Powder dies with her."

I saw a vision of death
Gabrielle: "Are you alright?"
Joxer: "What happened?"
Xena: "When I touched the Black Powder, I saw a vision of death. The powder's trying to tell me something. We've got to go back there."

Kahn at your service
Kahn: "Our minds are open to you, Green Dragon. May your formlessness take shape in our realm ... Green Dragon, your humble servant Kahn at your service."

Ming T'ien: "Is my arm ready."
Kahn: "They are prepared to carve your name on the face of the world, or die trying."
Ming T'ien: "That may not be necessary. I have become one with the greatest hope -- my sister -- murdered by Xena, dead to your world but reborn unto mine, is now part of me. And, she has a secret to share with you."
Pao Su: "A secret Xena failed to contain. A secret I will give you and every one of your men -- the formula for the Black Powder."

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