Eternal Bonds

If three armies converge in a forest and no one is there to hear them ... Xena and the gang split up when Joxer is severely wounded. Gabrielle keeps her word and actually proves to be a bit more alert. Xena teaches Eve a few warrior princess tricks of the trade. Joxer has a good idea. And, Ares' manhood is severely insulted.

Gabrielle: "The gods are throwing everything they've got at us! Xena, what do we do?!"
Xena: "Go!"

They're fighting for their lives
Xena: "Well, Eve, that's one for the grandchildren, huh? Not many babies can say that they've been chased by a tornado."
Gabrielle: "Not many babies are being blamed for the death of Zeus. The gods aren't taking that lightly."
Xena: "Gods, what do they know?"
Gabrielle: "Fear. For the first time, they're fighting for their lives."

Xena: "Gabrielle, we've managed to handle it so far."
Gabrielle: "You're right. Tornadoes, lightning - how could it get worse?"
Joxer: "Xena! Gabrielle! It's me. Don't throw anything."
Gabrielle & Xena: "Joxer."

It's me.  Don't throw anything.
Joxer: "I was looking for you guys ever since I heard the baby was born. Is that it? Oh! Oh, little baby, oh! Oh, look at the little ... Ooh, you're a chubby one. You got little chubby cheeks, yes, you do."
Gabrielle: "Don't scare her, Joxer."

Xena: "Joxer, her name is Eve."
Joxer: "You know, looks just like you."
Xena: "Eve, this is a very good friend of ours - Joxer ... and who are your friends?"
Joxer: "Who? ... Oh! Oh, these ... are the magi. They came here to see you, too."

The three wise men ... I mean ... magi
Joxer: "It's okay. She won't bite. Come on. See? Told you they were my friends ... Funny thing, they followed a light all the way here."
Gabrielle: "Lightning?"
Joxer: "Yeah, light - lightning."

Xena: "What's all this about?"
Magi #1: "A new day. A new life for us all."
Magi #2: "Your child ushers in a new world without gods."
Magi #3: "A world where every man is master of his own fate, and the birth should not go unremarked."
Magi #2: "Or uncelebrated, though the gifts we bring are humble."
Magi #1: "Won't you let us present them? We've come so far."
Xena: "Well, since you brought them ... be rude not to."

Magi #3: "From the white, fertile plains and fields, I bring you grain to nourish your life."
Magi #2: "From the orchards and groves, fruit to sweeten her days."
Magi #1: "From the essence of the Sacred Laurel, I bring you oil to soothe your way."
Xena: "Laurels are sacred to the goddess Artemis." - (kicks the bottle of poisoned oil from the magi's hands)
Magi #1: "The child must die!"

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